Explosives Detectors

EI-HE300-II handheld Explosive Trace Detector is a lightweight, fast, accuracy and extremely sensitive detection for trace explosives based Ion Mobility Spectrometry(IMS)technology, which is independently developed.

It has many advanced functions such as optional sensitivity level, hot-start, suitable for highlands advantages as easy operation, low-cost consumables, and convenient maintenance.

EI-HE300-II has been applied for many patents and inspected by the national Quality Supervise Center of Safety Protection and Alarming System, it has been widely applied for the airport, customs, frontier defense, police, national
defense, smuggling suppression, fire protection, and army department, etc.

Main Features

  • High sensitivity and detecting ng to pg. level explosives
  • Fast response and give analysis result in 2-10 seconds
  • Three optional sensitivity, with hot-start function and standby function
  • External vacuum sampling unit for effective sample collection
  • Environmental adaptability used normally in highlands
  • Portable and lightweight, 3.0kg in total
  • 3.5” color LCD touch screen, the rich interface prompts, easy to use


  • Technology………………..Ion Mobility Spectrometry
  • Explosives Detected………………..Most commercially available and military explosives such as TNT, DNT, NA, RDX, PETN, NG, BP, Tetryl, HMX, Semtex DINA , Expendable database.

1. Airports

2. Police

3. Firefighting

4. Large-scale activity

5. Post offices


7. Railway station

8. Subway

9. Custom

10. Frontier and port

11.Underground garage