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Close Protection Officers
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Security Provision
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the government security system was borrowed and
blended with a commercial touch
Manned Guarding Request Quote SecurKenya guards undergo intensive training program
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Who We Are
The company was founded by security professionals who served in the government at various levels hence gaining valuable experience
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Our Mission
Placing raw manpower between crime and the client for financial gain without due regard to the real safety of those who deserve protection.
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Our Clients
SecurKenya Group Limited has therefore come to revolutionize their private security sector with the objective of Keeping Kenyans safe and secure.
Guard and Sniffer Dogs
With years of experience as Security Professionals and Expert Dog Handlers…..Read More
Intruder Alarm Systems
The Intrusion Alarm Systems are available from 8 zones to 192 zones….Read More
Close Protection Officers
Our CPO services are available to the full range of client groups….Read More
Manned Guarding
SecurKenya guards undergo intensive training program that incluses….Read More
Electronic Security
SecurKenya is dedicated to offering customers with the installation….Read More
Explosives Detectors

EI-HE300-II handheld Explosive Trace Detector is a lightweight, fast….Read More